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The motley crew of “exhibitionists” at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences blogs from behind-the-scenes of your favorite museum.  We’re a team of designers, writers, fabricators, filmmakers, programmers, and above all, dreamers.

What do we blog about?  Lots of things!  We want to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to design, build, and install museum exhibits (hint: it’s more complicated than it seems).  We’ll also point out especially cool or timely features of exhibits that you may not have noticed, and we’ll let you know when new things make it to the floor.  You can learn about our existing and upcoming exhibits and plan your visit on the museum’s main exhibits page.

But more importantly, what do you want us to blog about?  Email us your questions, and we’ll answer them in our regular “Ask an Exhibitionist” series.

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